"In January 2007 I visited a small island off the coast of Haiti called Lagonave. The level of poverty I witnessed there moved me to get involved in assisting in the regeneration of the entire island. Whilst on Lagonave it became apparent that there was almost no access to the basics needed for life. Less than 20% of the population had ANY access to clean drinking water, one 35 bed hospital served the 100,000+ population and children all over the island were living as street children"

Justin Dowds, Founder

Urgently Required

The hospital need a Tri-Wheel bike like the one above to transport trash from the hospital every day. It isn'y glamorous, but essential to keep operations running smoothly! They can purchase one for $2000. If y…read more


We are deighted to announce that the first patients are moving into the 44 bedded New Hospital tomorrow 19th January 2015 in Anse-a-Galets, La Ganave, Haiti......

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