"In January 2007 I visited a small island off the coast of Haiti called Lagonave. The level of poverty I witnessed there moved me to get involved in assisting in the regeneration of the entire island. Whilst on Lagonave it became apparent that there was almost no access to the basics needed for life. Less than 20% of the population had ANY access to clean drinking water, one 35 bed hospital served the 100,000+ population and children all over the island were living as street children"

Justin Dowds, Founder

Ydson follow up (the little boy with cerebral palsy)

Ydson Wisly Andre is thriving in his new school near Cap Haitian, Footprints of the Son. He is growing and very well cared for. His foster family, especially his big brother, loves him dearly. Although the scho…read more

Solar system upgrade!

Nursing School - There are always challenges!

Thank you to all who have donated so far! We have raised £3500 towards the target of £8400. This money is required to help with the efficent and cost effective runni…read more

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