Get Involved

Get Involved

Who we work with...

There are many ways to get involved with LemonAid both here and overseas.


Our medical director, Dr Alison Dunn, is always keen to speak to experienced medics and nurses who would like to consider giving some of their time voluntarily to work with us in Haiti. In particular, we are looking for GPs and paediatricians for the medical and vaccination trip in March/April 2010. If you would be interested in coming along on a LemonAid medic trip then please contact us.


Mechanical and Electrcial engineers are also in high demand across Lagonave, Haiti. If you would be interested in giving two weeks of your life to serve some of the poorest people on the planet and you have an engineering background/qualification then please contact us and we can determine what opportunities are available over the next 12 months.


Why not help us raise funds for one of the initiatives we have up and running just now by holding a fund raising event?


Can you pull a team of volunteers together to pack bags at your local supermarket?
If you can then LemonAid will write and approach the supermarket you recommend and get a date for bag packing on a Saturday or Sunday. We can provide the charity number, collection tins and posters to go up instore that tell of exactly who and what LemonAid is. You turn up with your team and pack bags in the supermarket then bank the money direct into the LemonAid account using the pay-in slip provided. LemonAid will then provide a leter of thanks and recognition to your organisation and the supermarket.