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Construction Work Kicks off

Posted by Justin Dowds

Construction Work Kicks off

Lemon Aid are delighted to announce that work has begun clearing the site for the  new hospital and accommodation unit on Lagonave Haiti. As the site is cleared of all bushes, thorns, weeds in Haiti engineers are working in Scotland to provide construction drawings that will ensure all new buildings are as safe as possible in any future earthquakes and dont lose their roofs in any future Hurricanes.

Lemon Aid would like to thank Chris English from Fox McMaster Land Surveyors for heading out to Haiti in Jan 2011 and completing a topographic survey of the site and collecting soil samples for the structural engineers back in Scotland.

Heres a wee look at the latest drawings from the accommodation unit architect Stuart Hannah. Stuart has very kindly been donating lots of his time to this project. Stuart has been working with some great structural engineers from Mcgregor McMahon to ensure the new faciltiy is constructed as safely as possible.

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