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Haiti Trip Update (25th Jan 2010)

Posted by Justin Dowds

Haiti Trip Update (25th Jan 2010)

Jan 25th 2010 : The team have now all arrived home safe and well. Plans are already underway for another trip with more medical supplies going out. For a full repost from the Courier newspaper click here

Jan 24th 2010 : The team has arrived safely back into miami at 7am your time. What a trip. We have all seen things that no man would ever want to see. Its been a terribly emotionally draining trip but we have experienced Gods protection and answers to prayers like never before. Its been like everything we have asked for God has provided. For example we travelled to Lagonave and delivered the emergency meds to the hospital. They were almost completely out of antibiotics as all 4 wholesalers in the capital were destroyed in the earthquake. Without these supplies the hospital would have been without. The hospital continues to treat refugees from the mainland in greater numbers. Whilst at the hospital we met a beautiful small girl. She had been trapped for three days in the earthquake in the capital. Her family managed to dig her out and got her to the Lagonave hospital the next day as they could not find medical care in the capital. She had badly crushed and diseased feet. The doctors worked hard for three days to treat the wound but could not do any more without an orthopaedic team. We decided we would take her to the mainland and drive around all the field hospitals till we found the care she needed. Adrian and Charlie returned to the mainland by boat so that we could fly her to the mainland quickly. We were praying that God would come through as we knew not what we could do for this girl. As we landed justin saw a group of a doctors and joked with Dan that it would be kind of funny if those guys knew any orthopaedic colleagues. Dan went up to this team and in one of the best moments of the trip the doctors confirmed they were a complete orthopaedic surgical unit. They were overjoyed to have another patient. They had two seats on their plane and within an hour had the girl and her mother in the air on way to their orthopaedic unit north of the capital. Wow what an instant answer to prayer and we continue to pray that this team can save some of this girls feet. Just one example. In another our great friend Pastor Thimothee was in a church with 2000 when the quake struck. The church was completely destroyed and flattened and no one can explain in the natural but all 2000 escaped without injury. As a result of this in the last week 860 have given their lives to Christ including voodoo priests and witch doctors who were amazed at Gods power to protect his people. We look forward to sharing more with you. These supplies we have brought out were absolutely essential emergency supplies. What a privelege to be able to help in such a practical way.

Jan 21st 2010 : All the team have arrived safely at Port au Prince airport. Still waiting to get clearance to go through passport control. More news to follow as we get it. Please check out the post from our good friends at Guts Church in USA. Click here

Jan 20th 2010 : We have arrived in Miami with all 36 bags of emergency supplies. Thanks for all your prayers as we are so grateful that all bags made it through customs safely. We have now been awake for 42 hours and looking forward to sleep but an emergency transporter plane just landed and there was a call for emergency volunteers to load the were driving three more hours to an airfield to load supplies onto the transporter. We give thanks that all 80 compassion head office staff have now been found alive. It was heartbreaking to hear however that one female staff member has since died from internal injuries, unable to access healthcare quickly enough. She leaves a husband and four young children. It's so much more difficult to handle when stories are personalised to specific families. I am told there are now 1 million orphans in Haiti. If there is any way -  I would bring one or two of these gorgeous kids home with me in an instant. I will report back again as soon as I can.

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Drew Birrell

Hi Jimmy, Just read you were in Haiti through your sisters post on Mark Driscoll's tweeter! - will be praying for you and getting some of my House Group to cover you and your group in prayer. Hope all goes well - God Bless, Drew.

Jody Vajko

Praying for you all here in the Seattle area. Lynzi Blacker is doing an amazing job keeping all who know her updated on your trip! Your Abba Father is so very proud of you and He has prepared the way before you with His favor and mercy.

Lynzi Blacker

... best news of the day about the staff - have been so desperate to find out - thankyou Lord that is amazing!

Jimmy Dowds

MESSAGE FOR DREW BIRRELL. PLease contact the Vine office as Pastor Jimmy would like to contact you. our office number is 01383-631-005. many thanks

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