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Posted by Justin Dowds


Over 70,000 bodies have now been buried in Port au Prince alone and many thousands remain unaccounted for. Haiti remains a nation in complete turmoil. There remains an incredible shortage of medicines and surgical materials. Many fractures remain untreated and gangrene is taking hold.
Our great friends Dan and Joy remain in the thick of things running the hospital on Lagonave and an emergency facility in Port au Prince. It is hoped to be able to carry out amputations from the Port au Prince site from tomorrow.
The situation is grim beyond words but we continue to trust in God for wisdom in what to do.
Its 1am in the morning on Tuesday as I write this. Lemon aid have been granted emergency access into Port au Prince airport aboard an aid flight on Wednesday. In the last 24hours we have worked around the clock pulling medicines, dressings, needles, vaccines, anaesthetic equipment and essential dry foodstuffs together. Packed it all into 40 large bags, loaded a van and set off for heathrow. We have 1000kg of emergency supplies on with us. The supplies will be delivered to the emergency surgical unit which has been set up in the capital and the Wesleyan hospital on the island of Lagonave.
We received notification that the hospital is almost completely out of supplies and that it was extremely diificult to source any medicines in Haiti at present.
Thanks for all the donations that have come in so far. We have now reached £10,500 in the emergency appeal. We are taking money down to the hospital as there has been a run on the banks and its now impossible to access funds from Haitian banks. Please continue to donate what you can so that we can make further medicine supplies as required.
Once on the ground we can make assessments of further needs so that we can order materials to be delivered to the island by ship. Our friends at Guts church have chartered a ship which will bring hundreds of tons or emergency supplies in about three weeks time. We will be able to order what we need for delivery on this ship.
The Lemon Aid team. Will do what they can to update you as we can. Please pray that we can get all these supplies safely to where they are needed and for protection for the team. On this trip is Pastor Jimmy Dowds, Justin Dowds. Adrian Turk, Justin Dowds, Charles Seaman, Andy Hawthorne, Anthony Delaney.

Posted: 19 Jan 10 | 3 comments

Iain Stevenson

wow grate work guys, you are all in my prayers as well as all the people in Haiti. Keep up the amazing work and i love hearing how things are going.

Jody Vajko

Heard of your trip through my husband's cousins, Jez and Lynzi Blacker. ( Will donate something today. Can you share more about your trip March 20th? Do you need folks to travel with you and assist? May God grant you angelic protection, extraordinary favor with men, wisdom, and discernment. Praying that miracles and His stunning love surround and uphold you in the midst of the darkness and despair.

This is your best topic yet!

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