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Lemon Aid Launches 48 Days of 24-7 Prayer

Posted by Justin Dowds

Lemon Aid Launches 48 Days of 24-7 Prayer

48 days of 24-7 Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving Launched.

This Sunday it’s only 48 days until a very historic moment when the new Wesleyan hospital opens on the island of La Gonave.

To ensure everything goes smoothly Lemon Aid are launching 48 days of 24-7 Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving.

We need 168 people (the number of hours in one week) to sign up to a one hour slot to pray per week.

You select a one hour slot that suits you (or more if you wish) and keep that same slot every week until the opening on the 29th of September. Then you set aside that one hour to pray, praise and give thanks for this amazing story unfolding before our eyes.

To sign up please follow these simple instructions:

1. Click on this link

2. Select a one hour slot that suits you. Please note on the sign up sheet that the sign up times are in GMT. To work out what time that is in your time zone you can use this convertor:

3. Click on the box of the hour you want to sign up to.

4. Fill in your name, email address and how many hours you want to sign up for then click on “book”

5. Type in the words from the security check and then “proceed”

6. Your name should appear in that box.

7. If you make a mistake, click on your name and then “remove”

8. Now fill in your name at that time every week until the 29th of September.

9. To do this, at the bottom of the page under “Navigation” click on the red arrows to move to “next week”

10. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above. You should not have to fill in the security check again.

11. Repeat step 9 until you have filled in your name for the same time slot every week until the 29th of September.

12. Set an alarm on your calendar phone to remind yourself to Pray, Praise and give thanks at that hour.

13. Find somewhere quiet and peaceful and enjoy an hour of Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving.

14. Visit the Lemon Aid web-site to see a list of thanksgiving and prayer items that will be updated.

15. Thank you for giving your time in the support of this historical occasion.

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Posted: 07 Aug 13 | 7 comments

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