What we're up to...

LemonAid well and truly hit the ground running. Within the first few months the trustees had identified 3 key priorities for their work on Lagonave.

1. Clean drinking water is extremely scarce on the island and we want to deliver clean drinking water to each of the 120,000 inhabitants on the island.

2. There is currently one functioning hospital on the island of Lagonave, built in the 1950’s with just 33 beds and designed to serve a population of just 10,000. Lemon Aid want to work with partners across the globe to secure funding to allow a new purpose built hospital for Lagonave

3. Access to first class medical treatment on the island is scarce and access to expensive vaccines is almost non existent for most children on the island. We want to provide essential vaccinations and health checks for every child on the island.




A number of programmes are underway just now; please click to see in detail how each one is being worked through.