Accommodation Centre

Lagonave, Haiti


The existing guesthouse at the Wesleyan Compound on Lagonave, Haiti has served its purpose well but it now coming to the end of its usable life. It is also sited on land that has been identified as the building ground for the new Wesleyan Hospital for Lagonave.

In August 2010 Lemon Aid approached Stuart Hannah, an architect working in his own practice in Dunfermline Scotland, to ask if he could help design a new purpose built accommodation centre for the Wesleyan compound. The brief was taken from the local missionaries on the ground who had experience of what did and didnt work in the exisitng guesthouse.

It was decided early on that the new guesthouse should have a bigger capacity, have more mosquito free break out areas, more comfortable beds and rooms, larger kitchen and the ability to host training sessions for medics and leadership seminars for Pastors. Stuarts initial deisgn was taken to Haiti in September 2010 for critical analysis and changes to be made.

The proposed new 44 bed guesthouse will have dorm rooms of 6 like the existing guesthouse and also 4 two bed ensuite rooms to allow married couples privacy or those requiring a room to themselves that option. The larger capacity will facilitate more and larger teams to work at projects on the island and also large medical teams to visit and assist in training the Haitan medical workers. The dining room will double up as a training room with projector and screen to allow a professional environment for training sessions. Without the 44 bed capacity it would be very difficult to host the number of workers that will be required to construct the new hospital.

The design of the new guesthouse houses a breakout area around the perimter of the bedrooms to reduce the number of bedroom walls exposed to direct sunlight, this partnered with higher vaulted celiings and high level stack ventilation should ensure a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Mcgregor McMahon a structural engineering firm in Dunfermline agreed to carry out the necessary work in designing the structure to earthquake area standards (not forgetting the hurricanes also)

Corus Steel engineers are working with Mcgregor McMahon to design an appropriate insulated roof system that will withstand the worst of the weather but also prevent heat gain in the bedrooms. This will be custom cut to size and shipped to Haiti from the UK.

Chris English from Fox McMaster carried out a Topographic study of the site for the new accommodation centre and hospital in January 2011 and returned soil samples for analysis of ground conditions.

In March 2011 Back Hoe/JCB operators will arrive on Lagonave to begin grading the site and intend to start digging the foundations for the new guesthouse. Greg Edmonds based on site as a missionary will oversee the work and volunteer teams going down to help build the accommodation centre. As soon as the accommodation centre is complete work can begin on the new hospital.

If you are able to contribute to the construction costs of this accommodation centre then please click on the donate page at the top. Lemon Aid and the Wesleyan Church have raised around $120,000USD to this point for the accommodation centre and would welcome any donations to help us get to the estimated completed budget of $150,000USD. This facility is essential for developing healthcare delivery on the island to the precious Haitian people. If you could contribute even £5 or $5 we would be incredibly grateful.

If you would like any more information or would like to volunteer from the building trade then please contact