Medical Programme

Lagonave, Haiti

In discussions with NGOs on the island of Lagonave is became apparent that access to first class medical treatment on the island was scarce. The hospital was at breaking point and in general Haitian doctors did not want to travel to remote parts of Lagonave to work. It was also highlighted that access to expensive vaccines was almost non existent for most children on the island. In May 2009 the inaugural LemonAid vaccination team headed to Troullijene and Gros Mangles in partnership with Compassion Haiti staff to carry out full medic clinics. Over 800 children received vaccinations against diseases such as Hepatitus B, Typhoid and Meningitis. Two Scots GPs health checked every child fully and the trip pharmacist dispensed the necessary medications free of charge. Each child also received tests for HIV, Malaria, Anaemia and Typhoid. The cost of this trip totalled $80,000USD and each medic gave their time free of charge and got involved in the huge fundraising initiatives. The second vaccination trip is planned for April 2010 and nurses and doctors are being recruited not for the teams. If you are a fully qualified GP/Paediatrician or experienced childrens nurse/practice nurse, physically fit and dont not mind roughing it in the third world without the AC and hot water then we’d love to hear from you. It doesn’t sound like great fun but look at what the 2009 medics said about the trip……….

Quotes from the Team

Dr Alison Dunn GP, Dunfermline "To touch the life of even one needy individual and to change it for the better is why I became a doctor and to be able to do that to the poorest of the poor and touch hundreds of children is an awesome honour priviledge and brings tremendous joy." Dr Fiona Seaman GP, Dunfermline "I really enjoyed being part of the team doing health checks for the kids in Haiti. I felt I had to go when I found out that they would not see a doctor otherwise. It was a great chance to make a difference to their lives and the kids were a joy to work with."

Elaine Stark : ( nurse practitioner ) It was a wonderful experience to use my skills and knowledge to help people who were in great need. and It was really amazing to feel the sense of joy from people who are so much in need but still really happy.