New Wesleyan Hospital


January 2015 Update; Now up and running

The island of LaGonave is known as the forgotten island and is probably one of the poorest places on the planet. The existing Wesleyan Hospital which served the population was crumbling too small and had been badly damaged by the earthquake. Our dream to replace this with a purpose build earthquake safe tructure began 6 years ago.

Lemon Aid spearheaded a global fundraising campaign to allow construction of the new hospital to begin. Assisted by many great partners across the globe, we are grateful to have been able to see this facilityopen it'sdoor to patients on the 19th January 2015. The new facility has 44 beds in 2 wards, including the island's first separate infectious disease ward and dedicated A&E department. There are 2 operating theatres, 4 delivery beds, X-Ray facilities and an emergency room suite with minor operations room.

The LaGonave Wesleyan Hospital is the only in-patient facility where Caesarean sections can be performed serving a local population of over 120,000. The hospital currently generates 60% of it's funding through modest patient fees and grants. To raise the remaining funds, the Wesleyan Mission has launched a "365 challenge".  The Wesleyan Mission is therefore looking for benevolent individuals, small groups etc to choose a day of the year and donate £700 to offset the cost of operations that day.

Lemon Aid have decided to try and raise money to cover a day a month as an initial target. With your help, we can continue to improve the quality of healthcare of the people of LaGonave and support the staff who are passionate about caring and helping those in need.

Initial Target : £ 8,400

If you would like to donate towards this worthy cause, go to the donate page. Mark all donations "General Hospital Fund".

We truly appreciate all donations whether large or small.